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NEW Home Version Workouts =)

On top of the oceans clearing up and air quality improving we are also adding a few more things for next week!

1. New Home30 Workouts out next week

2. New HomeWOD Workouts out next week as well*

*We added another version of workouts geared to members who have some or more equipment like DB's , little bit of weights, or Pull Up Bars.

Might as well keep up the gains and cardio while we work through this tough time. We will be posting intros and guidelines on how to approach these workouts so you can do them successfully.

Great opportunity to share with some of your friends and family who never have time to workout. Let's use this time to create a positive impact on other peoples lives who rarely has time to workout or maybe intimidated in large groups. Again thank you for all your support and we will support you as well if you need anything! Follow and share us on insta @cfmountainsedge Stay happy, live healthy, keep moving! Love CFMTE Team

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