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Famous Quotes On Air Squats

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." ~Chinese Proverb

The most important movement we teach is the air squat. Air squatting is a prerequisite to an array of movements in weightlifting, gymnastics, and also conditioning. A great air squat is a great foundation to build some really complex movements. So if you want to move better, faster, and stronger, spend some quality time mastering this simple movement.

"Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated." ~Confucius

We over complicate on what movements can give us the biggest return. Fitness can be super simple yet we overcomplicate it with fancy diets and array of different movements that require so many different contraptions and machines. If I can choose one that has a massive impact on health, it be an air squat.

A great way to build a lot of muscle is to squat and great way to lose body fat is to squat. What more do you need? Squat often, live happy, and live longer.

"I think age is just a stupid number." ~Mark Hoppus

Age is your level of ability to get up and down on a chair. If you can still do it, you are young but If it is difficult then you are getting older. Time is a poor indicator of age when it comes to movement. Being in the fitness industry for 15 years I have seen some young old people and some old young people. It wasn't the color of their hair, what insurance card they use, or the discounts they got in the movie theaters. It how they moved on a daily basis but more specifically how they squat.

If you want to stay young as long as possible, just remember to keep practicing those air squats.If you want more tips make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our podcast for more inspirational stories from our members!

Stay positive, live healthy, and keep moving!

Coach Royce

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