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Our vision: to create happier, healthier human beings in Nevada. We keep it simple. We're a strong family, but we operate like a winning sports team. We move, we learn, and we empower others to be their best. We're quick, efficient, and masters of getting results. To care for others, we prioritize self-care. We support each other unconditionally. Our decisions bring wins for customers, the company, and ourselves. Mistakes are learning opportunities that make us stronger. Challenges fuel our growth. We're hard workers, eager students, and inspiring teachers. Professional work, a fun team, and consistent values define us in and out of these walls. We live by the principle: the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. We are Nevada Fitness.



At Nevada Fit, our culture is all about inspiring, empowering, and transforming lives through community-based fitness. We foster a dynamic community that thrives on hard work, problem-solving, and healthy competition. Our fast-paced environment encourages innovation, decision-making, and embracing new challenges. As a Nevada Fit Trainer, you'll deliver dynamic workouts to members of all fitness levels, pushing them beyond their comfort zones and helping them build confidence. Your responsibilities include creating a positive member experience, executing fitness programs, implementing marketing and sales strategies, and ensuring operational excellence. We're looking for candidates who are excellent communicators, team players, highly motivated, and dedicated to personal and professional growth. Certification in personal training, CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and CPR/AED, along with at least one year of experience in personal training or coaching, is required. Join us and be a part of transforming lives through fitness in our vibrant Nevada Fit community.


Nutrition Coach

As a Nutrition Coach at Nevada Fitness, you will play a vital role in empowering individuals to achieve their wellness goals through personalized nutrition guidance. By conducting assessments, creating customized meal plans, and educating clients on proper nutrition principles, you will help them make informed choices and establish healthy eating habits. Your responsibilities include providing ongoing support, staying updated on the latest research, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach to clients' well-being. Must be precision nutrition certified or a bachelor's degree in Nutrition or a related field, along with strong communication and organizational skills, is required. Join our team and make a positive impact on clients' health and vitality through your passion for nutrition coaching.


Sales Representative

As a Sales Representative, you will be a key driver of revenue growth and success by generating leads, building strong client relationships, and effectively communicating the value of our products or services. Your responsibilities include prospecting, delivering persuasive presentations, collaborating with the sales team, and maintaining accurate records. With proven sales experience, strong interpersonal skills, and a self-motivated mindset, you will contribute to achieving sales targets and supporting our company's growth. A bachelor's degree in a related field is preferred, along with proficiency in sales software and organizational abilities. Join our dynamic sales team and make a significant impact on our business.

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