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Kettlebell Workout

Train Better.


Many professionals are frustrated when it comes to getting results. We take the hard work off in creating the perfect fitness and nutrition program that works best for your unique goals. We plan, you do, so you live your life to the fullest.


Nevada Fit Tara Personal Training


Book a Consult

Chose a trainer one of our amazing personal trainers & nutrition coaches.



Create a Plan

Collaborate a game plan so we can accomplish your goal in a specific time frame.



We do it Together

We get to work together and ensure what we are always moving towards your goal.

Some of our Transformations

Before & After Be Better (5).png

It was hard but absolutely worth it. I changed my eating habits and my lifestyle. I learned I can accomplish a lot of things in this challenge.

Before & After Be Better (4).png

The program is broken down so simple, that literally anyone can do it. It is not overly complicated and the workouts are absolutely exciting.

Eric D.

Nastashia H.

Before & After Be Better (1).png

I didn't know it was possible to get a 6 pack in such a short time. I've been trying to do it all year. Awesome trainers, awesome program, and simple to follow.

Before & After Be Better (6).png

This is the most I lost since joining the gym. In 6 weeks I was able to lose 15+ pounds. The best part is the community and trainers supporting you all the way.

Kevin B.

Corey B.

Eric D.

Nastashia H.

Kevin B.

Corey L.

Before & After Be Better.png

These guys are game changers. The trainers are extremely welcoming and they make the hard work seem easy. Thanks guys. 

Before & After Be Better.png

I have been training here for 3 months and it's been a game-changer! The trainers and athletes are all helpful and the workouts are built for people with different levels of experience.

Brian K.

Johny A.

Before & After Ahuva.png


I had trouble losing the weight after my two kids and doing following the nutrtion and the trainers made so easy. 

Before & After Be Better (7).png

Kyler W.

Weight gain has always been a struggle for me. When they tought me how to eat and also which excersises to do. I started seeing rapid changes.


Arriena G.

I didn't know that there was a simple way to make progress. At first it was hard because it was diffrent but eventually I fell in love with the process.

Before & After Keith S..png

Keith S.

The coaches here are amazing and they keep you accountable when you need it the most. 

Before & After Mark.png

Mark H.

If you follow the nutrition plan it works and what is even more amazing is I wasn't perfect. The trainers and coaches teach sustanable habits beyond the program.

Chris Y_

Chris Y.

After the milatary I started to gain the weight but as soon as I found Nevada Fitness it was like I was home. Great trainers, great people, and real results.

B&F Stephen H. (2).png

This is the most weight I have lost over the years and is the only time I haven't gained it all back. The trainers not only coach the fitness and nutrition. They coach the mindset as well which was a massive game changer for me.

Manny 2

I have always been a bigger person early in my life but having the trainers and nutrition coaches made me reailze I had a lot more control than I realize. When I went back home to visit Ethopia my family didn't recognize me so that's a win.

Before & After Katie.png


The team at Nevada Fitness is amazing! Having a nutrition coach early on gave me so much more food confidence because I struggled planning and know excactly how much to eat in my plan to make progress.



The program was so much simpler than I have imagined. Having something to follow and having someone guide you in the process makes transforming your body seemless. I can't recommend it enough.


Coach Royce

I have to admit after having my son I gained a lot of weight. Because of the stress, the sleep, and just the chapter change. I had to find something that not only worked but sustainable as a father and an entrepreneur. This program is a compilation of what has worked and what hasn't.

Before & After Be Better (2).png

Antonio H.

I lost almost 40 lbs just the first 6 weeks. The nutrition, the workouts, and the experience when it came to my injuries where some of the best parts of having a trainer. 


James Hoskins

Master Trainer 

I work with professionals looking to lose a great deal of weight. If you have big goals I am the guy for you.

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Tara Laguerta

Personal Trainer | Registered Dietitian

I work with busy women who are looking to lose weight. If you want a mom-friendly fitness program and looking for nutritional guidance. Would be happy to chat with you. 

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Royce Laguerta

Master Trainer | Nutrition Coach

There are so many frustrated executives who struggle to find the time and energy to create their own fitness routine. I work with them one on one to help design the best possible needs for their fitness, and nutrition. So you can focus on what you do best and that's winning. 

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Madison Pic.jpg

Madison Jones

Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach

I work with professional women who struggle to find time to create an effective program for weight loss. If you are looking to get results and a nutrition lifestyle that works for you. Book a consult and I would love to chat with you. 

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Nick Nash

Personal Trainer | Corrective Coach

I work with professionals who are looking to get results that last for a lifetime. If you have movement disfunction, big goals, and are just driven to change. Let's chat. 

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Corey Bennett

Massage Therapist

I work with professionals or athletes who struggle with recovery. If you have any injuries or a nagging pain lets chat. I'd love to help you.

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Mark Huffman

Nutrition Coach - Weightlifting Coach

When it comes to training athletes, my mission is twofold: to cultivate robust strength and foster comprehensive health through the development of accessible nutrition plans. If you're eager to amplify your weightlifting abilities and attain peak fitness, I'm the trainer you've been searching for.

Crossfit Wheels
Weight Ball
Weight Ball

Keith Menger

Personal Trainer - Nutrition Coach

I empower athletes to reach the pinnacle of their fitness journey by fostering unwavering confidence through a deep understanding of movement and crafting tailored nutrition plans that are effortless to follow.


Richard Cheng

Personal Trainer - Group Coach

I help athletes increase strength, speed, and injury prevention through a strength and conditioning program that focuses on movement quality, nutrition and mindset.

Intense Training

Here are more reviews.

James Pic.jpeg

James Bristow
Managing Partner UES 

Royce has an eye for making sure you are doing everything correctly. Fixed my shoulder during a crazy time in my business. It's always a surprise in every training session. 

Ryan Hayes Pic.jpeg

Ryan Hays
Director Touchstone Living 

Lost about 70lbs with Coach James in less than a year. He collaborated well with my physical therapist and I can't imagine where I would be in a year without James and the rest of the amazing team.

Christine Profile.jpeg

Christine Tonn
President Cure 4 the Kids


Madison is absolutely one of the best trainers I ever had. She holds me accountable and is able to fine-tune my programming, especially with my crazy life and schedule.

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