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Albert Einstein on Getting Stronger

One of the greatest thinkers off all time. He not only changed the face of physics and astronomy, He has also played a role in motivating change throughout the fitness industry ;) here is why:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results." ~Albert Einstein

How often have you created a goal for yourself to lose weight only to find that you do the same thing at the start of next year? Just because you pay for a gym membership doesn't automatically mean you are going to get to results. I see this too often, you are excited at the start of the year and join a gym for 10$ a month. You're super motivated at the start and you commit to working out 3 days a week. Work happens, life happens, and your time disappears into thin air. Your motivation slowly declines and for the last 10 months of your contract you ask your self why did I sign up for an entire year if I don't even go a single day out of the month? Sound familiar?

"What should I do Einstein?"

Change your strategy and change your results. Hire a personal trainer, take a group class, or invest your hard earned money into group training facilities. Why you repeat the mistake over and over is because you somehow created a story in your head that you can do everything your self. For the most part you have done everything on your own for a long time which is highly respectable. At some point you become so good at what you do professionally that you will have blindspots in other areas of your life. By having that guidance and extra accountability you will pivot so much that you will accomplish what ever goal you set out.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~Albert Einstein

Is your workout too easy? Are you fitter now then how you were last year? Are you doing the same thing ? Are there more difficult versions of exercise? Have you tried any?

If you want real change you have to stress the body enough to want to create adaptations. The secret to change is difficulty. Many picture discomfort as pain and torture but it is not that. Discomfort can mean 10 extra seconds on a plank, 1cm more while stretching your legs, or rest 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Challenge your self with moments of discomfort and you will begin getting more comfortable in those moments over time.

"What is the secret Einstein?"

Too little discomfort causes no change, too much discomfort can lead to injuries, but the right amount of discomfort will do amazing things to your body.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." ~Albert Einstein

If you had no idea how to operate a fork lift would you do it on the whim? If you'd never performed heart surgery can you perform it on the fly? These are extremes but many go in blind when they start to exercise.

You won't need a 4 year degree to learn how to move but I recommend educating yourself a little bit on movement of exercise. Better yet , feel free to ask questions around you or from a professional who has been exercising his/her entire life.

This is the easiest time in our world where we can self educate about movement. You have an entire library on your phone, endless youtube videos, amazing podcast ;), or you can dial a few numbers and get instant help. True resourcefulness means you understand how to use all your resources.

Ask the questions, self educate, and change your game!

If you have any questions about health and fitness we are here to help you out. Hope you guys are enjoying your day and look out for more health tips from our team.

Stay positive, be healthy, keep moving!

<3 Coach Royce

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