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How to approach short workouts?

Today we have "Isabel" which is one of the shortest workouts we do in CrossFit which approximately takes 2-5 minutes.

On hindsight these workouts looks super easy but very far from the that. For some these workouts are the nightmares but we want to give you some game changing tips that will make you love these short very high intensity workouts.

Here are my top 3 tips for approaching short workouts:

1. Pace early but not the entire time. Start out controlled and strong ideally accomplishing more than 1/3 of the reps and then take a breath and just hold on for the remaining of the workout.

2. Take a couple of deep breaths before the workout even starts. This technique will keep your heart rate low early on and for parts of the workout. Many athletes start to panic before the workout even starts, heart rate goes up, and way up the moment you hit the first couple of reps. It is like you were already working out minutes before you even touched the bar.

3. Put on the greatest song in the world that hypes you up. Mine is country lol, but make sure it is something that gets you to move and feel alive. Your favorite hip hop song to dance to, a dubstep track that gives you the jitters, or an angry song that only you can understand. These workouts are 3 minutes so the perfect song can carry you all the way through without even knowing you worked out.

Comment below if you have other game changing tips for short workouts or let us know if it works for you.

Stay happy, healthy, and always move!

Coach Royce

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