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Model and Modify to Create Massive Changes

The secret to being great in CrossFit or any fitness modality is to model the best of the best. When I want to add skills or build an area in my life. I always seek out the best people to model in that specific area in life.

I start out first by listing every single thing about them. The list extends all they way from the clothes they wear, the way they walk, and the way they talk. Those are partly important but what I found the most interesting is what habits they have monthly, weekly, and on a daily basis.

When you start creating that list you will eventually find a significant difference between you and the best. The idea is not to bring you down but give you an idea on where to start your journey for change.

Lets use a professional CrossFit athlete for example and list out all there daily habits:

  • Workout 3-5x per day

  • They workout daily

  • Counts there Macros (95 -100% of the time)

  • Does Recovery exercises 3-5x per week

  • Has a massage therapist, chiro, or someone to maintain their bodies.

  • They have 1 or more coaches giving them feedback, teaching them, and creating their programs.

  • They constantly work on their weakness

  • They surround themselves with other professionals.

  • They drink more than a gallon of water per day.

  • They don't drink alcohol, almost zero cheat meals.

  • They limit their distractions (social media time is low)

  • They wake up early. Have 6-9 hours of sleep.

  • They're very routine oriented.

  • They measure all their progress.

  • They look at each movement super scientifically

  • They have prioritize there time effectively

  • They listen to their bodies.

These are only a few of the many things these guys do habitually and pretty much everyday. The amount of work they put in is daunting to look at and it is why they are best at what they do. I don't recommend that everyone has this particular regimen but if you took even a fraction of what the best do and consistently implement it into your routine. You will find success in that are no doubt.

For many of us we are not looking to become professional athletes, many just want to lose weight and gain muscle. It truly is a lot more simple to get results than what people think. Borrow, model, or even steal what the best are doing and you eventually will find fitter version of yourself every time.

You might be asking, "Im ready... where do I start?"

My friend you just have to pick one of these many habits and implement for the next 30 days. Once you have mastered it add another and a week later add another. Over the course of a few months you will have added a bunch of these habits and the results start to compound that everyone you know will start to notice.

I truly wish it was more complex than that but the truth is getting fit is pretty simple. Model the best and modify as you go a long to fit your needs. Don't overcomplicate something that has been done millions of times. Get fit already, you deserve it.

Stay heathy my friends,

Coach Royce

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