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It's Separation Season

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

If someone was to ask you what season are we in? What you say? What is your energy about it? Is it holiday season, party season, or chill season. The answer here matters and it matters because the answer you say will create a series of actions that will either pull you away from your goals or drive you right into your goals.

The last quarter of the year the weather is colder, the foods are greater, and productivity as a whole goes down. This is where we slow down the progress the most in our relationships, careers, and our health. It is understandable to slow down however if you have intensions of wanting more for your self and just more out of life, I advise looking at this season a little different. It is not your typical "Holiday Season" it is "Separation Season."

This time of the year is where I make my moves. When everyone slows down I speed up. Very similar too long CrossFit workouts. Everyone starts out really strong but the last 25% of their workout they start to slowdown. Their technique starts to get sloppy, most are fatigued, and really they are just trying to survive the last few minutes. If you were disciplined and consistent in the first part of that workout, you will have a lot more energy to finish that workout strong.

Our years are like that and many approach their goals like a full blown sprint. They spend their energy quick and find themselves recovering for the next few hours. The point here is to learn to pace, stay in your own lane, and stay consistent regardless of what season we are in.

If you want to be more you just have to do more. The scary part of this is that "do more" is actually not that much more than you think. So you might be asking, "Coach, what should I do then." Here is a small list of things you can do to separate your self from everyone else. Here are my top 5 things you can do this holiday season that will separate you from the norm.

  1. Up level your health by moving every day. Doesn't matter if it is walking an extra mile to doing an extra workout for the week.

  2. Up level your nutrition by having only one drink instead of whole bottle of wine.

  3. Up level your discipline by skipping Desert or eat only a few bites. It taste the exact same after 3-4 bites.

  4. Up level your knowledge by dedicating more time learning or reading while work tends to be slower. The more value you feed your brain, the more valuable you are in your field.

  5. Up level your relationships by not sending a basic text to wish someone a merry Christmas during that same day. Make it special and give them a call instead. To separate it even more do it a few days before so they don't get bombarded with messages.

These are just some small actions that you can implement now that can completely change the game forever. I understand that doing all the things everyone else is doing is a lot of fun and the feeling of belonging is important. But If you are constantly struggling to obtain your goals year in and year out, I would highly suggest looking into your actions during the "Holiday Season." You are only a few actions away from being the best version of you. Let me know if you have resonated with this message and feel free to shoot us an email for more tips, tools, and techniques to up level your life.

Remember New Years is only one day not a whole month. Enjoy all those precious moments with your friends and family. I'll see you guys at the gym!

Love Coach Royce

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