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Embedding Some Fitness with Video Games

As we near into more weeks of Covid Quarantine attempting to find things to do gets harder and harder, but as any high school/ College student that had to go back to living with their parents because of this pandemic I spent the greater half of the last 2 weeks in my room playing video games with friends online everyday.

Now after taking a step back from gaming the last couple years getting back into it was very refreshing, but with my tunnel vision I stopped doing extra workouts and toned my exercise to a minimum, which got me thinking if I was gonna accomplish my goals for this summer or not. With that said we came up with a unique solution. During a late night gaming session my friends and I came up with a workout plan that goes with our gaming.

Now this was done with my close friends but it can also be done with your siblings, kids, and parents. Have fun with this one and can be a really nice little trick to get someone close to you to just move a little bit.

(Obviously you can change this for different games/ penalties as you seem fit/ have fun with it/ make it challenging)


Every time we die in any game +5 push ups

Every time we lose +10 push ups

Every time you make a mistake +5 Sit-ups

Every time you get mad at the game +10 Sit-ups

In between rounds/games :30 plank


Every time you win -5 push ups/ Sit-ups

Every time you top a game -10 push ups/Sit-ups

Now if you look at this there aren't any big penalties and it's all fundamental bodyweight movements. We designed this for the games we play everyday but I wanted to share this if you have been going back to gaming or someone in your family has. Obviously if you wanna work on specific things and change out one of the movements for squats go ahead, throw in something you are comfortable at but also challenge yourself with something you struggle at. My upper body has always been my weak side so I have been focusing on that. Also final note don’t underestimate this program it will sneak up on you especially if you have a couple bad games. Have Fun!

Hope you guys are keeping in there if you are working or stuck at home. Thanks for reading, and stay healthy as a family.

Love Coach Peter

"Those who still buy into this idea could see how the professional gamers live, they might be in for a shock. Most players aren’t just in shape, they often spend hours at the gym every single day — often for the same reason conventional athletes do." ~Rachel Kaser

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