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Coach Mike's Top ways to Manage Cravings during Quarantine!

1. Establish a routine

Our bodies have internal clocks that start/stop depending on our schedules. By having a consistent routine we teach our bodies when it's time to eat, sleep, and workout. The objective here is to create 3 times to eat your meals for the day.

Establish a time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure you train your body to adhere to these schedules as much as possible. I recommend somewhere around a month to really turn this into a habit.

Doing so will train the body and appetite on times to eat and times you arr not hungry which leads us to the next craving management tip.

2. Redirecting Your Impulses

Cravings can be caused by stress, habits, anxiety, and all sorts of reasons. However a lot of times many give into cravings because of boredom. Here is a tip, fill those empty slots where you're not eating foods with healthy habits like exercise, stretching, playing sports, learning, or spending time with family. These are all great ways to rewire your brain during those down times.

3. Keep Hydrating

Last but not least is drink a ton of water at least close to half a gallon for the day. Water not only hydrates the body but drinking water also helps promote satiety(feeling of fullness). A few places easy to sneak glass or two are right when you wake up and before/after meals. Another easy area is during your exercises.

These little tricks seem so minuscule but doing them in the course of a month yields pretty amazing results specially for those who have zero routine. Try it out and comment bellow and let us know if it helps. Or maybe give some of your tips that change your health game!

Keep Improving

Coach Mike

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