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Buff Thor to Big Thor and Big Thor back to Buff Thor ;)

A ridiculous spark that accidentally started the signal fire." ~Corey Bennett  

So... in this current “crisis“ I’ve seen a multitude of memes, most of which seem to express people’s depression causing the inevitable weight gain during the time we are all shut down. However, one meme caused me some serious thought and eventual solution to this common problem.

The meme in question was a more stern take on the many memes depicting the marvel comics version of Thor, the fit deity we all know and admire, and beside it the latter version in which depression has gotten to the god of thunder and he’s become a slovenly shadow of his former self.

At the start of the year many of us have gotten in really great shape and the moment we were forced to stay in our homes many of us lost our motivation. This time is really tough on so many people with jobs being lost, many getting sick, some of our liberties taking away, and loss of human connection outside of our homes. It is understandable that many lost their motivation and eventually regain all the weight back.

There is a silver lining to this story and that is you were there before. With just a little tweaking with your routines you can get back to your "Buff Thor" self again.

We are all going to come out of quarantine looking like Thor, which one is entirely up to you!

I hope you see the power of this statement. I took this as a call to arms. A vague challenge to better myself, but also extend to the ones that might be falling off the wagon. Seemingly by cosmic fate I decided to take a challenge by my fellow colleague Nick Nash to engage in "100 burpees + 5K Challenge" every day in the Month of April.

I started the first day, and immediately enjoyed it as a way to shut down my engines and just move. Now it has been regular part of my routine along side the other workouts we post everyday. Slowly I've been adding more each day and eventually I find myself saying that I can do more. I ran up to 7 miles one day and now telling my self maybe I can do a marathon. Sometimes you need a little spark so you can start a fire. So let's find some solutions to get you back on track.

Possible Sparks

1. Run 10 minutes in the morning

2. 50 Squats in between Netflix Episode

3. Every time I scroll through instagram 20 burpee penalty

4. Take a yoga class on Youtube

5. Go for a hike or walk the dog.

6. Include 2 cups of vegetables with your pizza ;)

It doesn't have to be much, it just has to be a little bit more than yesterday. This actions will build enough momentum that can get you back to your old "Thor" self.

Still a bit stuck? Reach out to any of us, we love speaking with you. In this time of patience and restlessness, we’ve got you. Just because we aren’t physically there, doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help .

As always y’all , all my respect and 🖤 . See y’all at the white board.

Coach Corey

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