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Work on building strength or losing weight, it all happens at Nevada Fitness home of the best Las Vegas Gyms. We are committed to being a gym for everybody. Drop-in for a quick workout or join us as a member. 


Personal Training

Training is dedicated to the very specific and time oriented resuts. Completely customized plans and personalized nutrituion. Designed to get the best results in your time frame.

Small-Group Training

42 Shred Challenge

Functional movement with a blend of weight lifting, gymnastics, and condition. The ultimate challenge that yields the best results. Sessions of 2-10 athletes.

Our signature 42-Day Transformation Program. It is designed to build habits, improve nutrition, and customized workouts designed to get results guaranteed.

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We are small group functional training geared towards improving everyday movement. 1 hour of professionally guided, heart pumping, and sweat dripping experience!



Jon Adabashi

I been training here for 3 months and it's been a game-changer! The coaches and athletes are all helpful and the workouts are built for people with different levels of experience I would highly recommend training here! By far the best Las Vegas Gym in Nevada.


Jann Perkins

Been with Nevada Fit since the beginning. Have seen many amazing accomplishments, mine as well. I am almost 78 years of age and have become stronger and more confident in my abilities, as an individual and as an athlete. The coaches are knowledgable and caring, motivate us beyond our own expectations. There is no place I would rather be than at this wonderful facility.


Aaron McDaniel

This is more than a gym. It is a solid community all the way around. The coaches ate knowledgeable and care for the individual. The community within the gym amongst the members is that no one is a stranger. My wife and I both at our first class had someone come up and greeted us and had a REAL conversation. This gym is second to none.


An important recipe in being successful in anything is remaining consistent. Here at Nevada Fit we value keeping our athletes as accountable as possible!

Nevada Fit Tara Personal Training
Nevada Fit Assault Bike


In order to experience the greatest amount of growth the body has to be challenged. Our professional coaches will help prescribe the best possible stimulus thats challenging and allows you to be sucessful.


A group of amazing people with very simmalar goals of longevity, health, and happiness. Come join our amazing and supportive community. 

Kettlebell Workout