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Will CrossFit get me ripped?

If you’re a fitness fanatic like me, you’ve heard of CrossFit by now. Maybe your friends on Facebook even post pictures of themselves from the latest “WOD” (Workout of the Day) and talk about how sore they are afterwards. And you see that these people are getting ripped, so you think: maybe if I did this CrossFit stuff, I could get similar results? Well, in this post I want to address the most Googled question about crossfit: will crossfit get me ripped.

The short answer is yes. However it is one of many ingredients that will yield that desired result. I want to lay out the top 3 reasons why crossfit will get you ripped.


The number one ingredient in being successful really in anything and specifically fitness is building consistency. Many crossfit communities pride on building a strong and accountable cultures. Unlike large global gyms, crossfit gyms will regularly follow up after a few days if you haven't worked out. And it's not uncommon to get a text or call from the trainers regularly to make sure you are having a great experience. Large global gyms you can have thousands of paying members but crossfit gyms have significantly less; ranging from 75-200 members. For these smaller boutique gyms to thrive, their customers have to get results or they will have no business at all. Making sure customers are coming in regularly is an innate service in this business model.

One day a week or a month will not get you ripped. String consecutive weeks of 3-5x a week of crossfit and you will find major results.


Another ingredient that is needed for growth is challenge. In crossfit the workouts are not the easiest but also not the hardest. The professional trainers in crossfit assess and guide you towards the right stimulus that will optimize the best result based on where you are in your fitness journey.

The classes in crossfit have approximately 4-15 people at a time so there is a lot of individualization that happens in class. Very difficult to guide 100s of people at a time so a unique advantage for crossfit gyms is that they can individualize on the spot. Doing so will not only challenge each individual athlete but also makes it less likely that someone gets injured in the process. Which in turn will allow them to come back again the next day creating more consistency.

Stress is a form of payment when it comes to being successful. When it is too little nothing happens and when it is too large injuries can occur. Crossfit coaches strive to find the best possible stimulus to yield the greatest results.


This ingredient is probably one you hear from your best friends who are getting ripped the most is the amazing community. They will say things like, "You just need to check out the community that's the secret." You probably skeptical at first but let me explain what all your friends are talking about.

More than 80-90% of the athletes in crossfit gyms at the start were no where near where they are at now. There are approximately 75-200 members in these gyms and most have been in there for over a year some 5-10 years. Working out consistently for that amount of time will result in drastic change. So it is very easy to perceive that you have to be in shape first to get into a crossfit.

What makes the community great is that each one of those members where at your shoes once before and because of that they relate to your journey. They are extremely encouraging because they know what its like. In a nut shell you just end up surrounding your self with highly driven people and thats contagious.

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Stay Positive, be healthy, and keep moving!

Coach Royce

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