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Why Ignoring Fitness Will Cost You Sales

Have you ever left a meeting with a potential client feeling really confident only to find out later that your offer had been turned down? You know you did everything correctly by explaining all the great ways your company/product could provide value to them and still you got rejected. You've seen others the same age, same schooling, and same training have much better statistics in closing sales but you can't figure out what you're missing. When you compare yourself to others you explain this away by telling yourself they had better "luck." But what if it's something much more tangible than luck?

You can have all the degrees under the sun and have read all the tutorials on your product but it won't make you immune to rejection when it comes to sales. Sure you will increase the odds a bit but the truth is that is not the biggest area in your game that will improve your profits.

What am I ignoring?

It's your health. Yes, read that again! Your health is impacting your sales. And you're not alone in this. Most people prioritize building their career for years but neglect the importance of their own body. You know you've had this short sighted thinking if for years you've been saying that you just don't have time to be active, cook healthy, or take time for self care.

You work clear over 60 hour weeks, have 2 kids, and a wife juggling the same thing. You're left with little time for your self that you would rather use that time to vegetate and live in the comfort of food. Someday you have to ask yourself, "How is this strategy working for me?" Before we get into some tips, let's first talk about the some reasons WHY ignoring your fitness is costing you sales.

Ask yourself these questions. Would you take weight-loss advice from an overweight trainer who has trouble walking up a flight of stairs? Of course not its like hiring a homeless person to do your financial planning. A personal trainer needs to look healthy. A hairdresser needs to have a good haircut, a dentist needs to have good teeth, and a financial advisor needs to have their finances in order. Otherwise he or she does not inspire confidence for the client.

But Coach I am not a personal trainer.

How you carry your self and your current health can directly impact your ability to create business for yourself. Selling a house, closing a big contract with a company, or asking for a raise are all opportunities that can be exponentially improved through bettering your health and fitness. You don't have to have chiseled abs, awesome legs, or perfect arms. You just have to be healthy.

What do mean healthy?

  1. Healthy is someone who has the ability to manage stress at any given level without the use of drugs and medications.

  2. Healthy is someone that maintains a healthy weight, blood pressure and other laboratory measures through lifestyle (diet and exercise) alone.

  3. Healthy people carry themselves with confidence. That confidence is seen through their posture and the ability they control their breathing.

  4. Healthy people carry a positive energy and that energy is infectious. People want to do business with people that have unlimited energy and the potential to do more.

Can I just act this way and get the same benefit without exercising?

Of course you can and many do. However it's very difficult to sustain and in the long run not the best for both your physical and emotional health. Being healthy and acting healthy requires a lot of energy. Doing it this way is equivalent to someone deciding on the whim to do marathon without ever running a mile. It will work on the short term but it will carry some consequences that can be unfixable.

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."~Dolly Parton

What is the best way?

Just move an hour a day regardless of what it is. Walk for an hour outside, take virtual fitness classes on line, or better yet join a gym with amazing professionals that will guide your every step needed to make you live your best possible life. You'll quickly start to see how your health improves all aspects of your life, including how you perform at work. We know because we've seen it! To hear some inspiring personal stories about how fitness has impacted the lives of our members check out our podcast "Fitness and Friends".

It can seem overwhelming of all the options you can potentially take so if you have questions or want clarity on deciding what path to take, feel free to shoot us an email and we would love to answer all your questions. For more great content make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on all our social media pages.

Stay positive, live healthy, and keep moving.

Coach Royce

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