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The Amazing 60 Year Old Architect

There is an old story in Japan where a man was known as one of the best and most talented architects to have ever have lived. He built the most extravagant houses and the architecture of these houses were one of a kind. Everyone wanted to work with this man not only for his talent but amazing work ethic. He put in hours in his craft day after day, year after year, and 90 plus hour weeks to become one of the greatest architects to have ever lived.

At 60 he finally wanted to retire. However his boss wanted him to do one last job. The architect was really burnt out and did not want to do any more jobs. But given his history and reputation he did it anyways.

This time however, he decided to cut corners, and put half the effort he normally puts in. One day he finishes his work and gives the key to his boss. His boss paused and said that the key wasn't for a client, this house you built is actually for you.

Live in this world long enough and you realize that many people work really hard. Many take care of so many other people yet they forgot to take care of themselves. Instead of cutting corners in building a house like this architect, we cut corners in our exercises, our nutrition, and our sleep. We look back 10, 20, and 30 years and realize our bodies are not doing so well. We rely on drugs, medication, and help from other people to keep our bodies afloat.

Today, work on your body even just a little bit. Get a little bit more sleep, move a little bit more today, make one more conscious decision to eat a balanced meal, or meditate to manage some of your stress.

It may not seem like a lot at first but compounded day after day, week after week, and year after year. You will have built a body that many would love to live in.

Stay happy, live healthy, and keep moving.

Coach Royce

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