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Spend More Time Feeding Your Brain than Your Stomach

When you think more fitness, we think more muscles, more nutrition, more weights, and more workouts. These actions are integral when it comes to improving overall physical health but they’re not the only thing responsible for optimizing overall health and wellness.

"Your body is the vehicle but your mind is the driver." ~Not Sure

There are times in your fitness journey when problems can derail you from your path and further away from your end goal. The muscle that allows you to refocus and navigate your actions back to the right path is your brain. How often do you train this muscle? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? Since college? Or can't remember? If you can't answer the question at the moment the good news is you’re not the only one.

The average person spends zero time feeding their brain with knowledge and wisdom after their adolescent years at school. Not using your brain to its fullest potential is like going to fight with both hands tied behind your back. You have absolutely no chance in winning any fight in optimizing health and wellness without exercising your brain.

Here two exercises that you should practice daily that will give you an edge when it comes to accomplishing your health goals.

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What if I told you there was a book out there that was written about you and your entire life? In addition to that you had the ability to follow it or shape it to your own reality. Would you read it? What if I told you it already exists but it is played by other characters in books, some exaggerated to fiction, or you wrote in a "how to" tutorial form.

"You are what you read." ~Jodie Jackson

There are hundreds and thousands of books on overcoming adversity, strengthening your mindset, and just solving every kind of problem. You have a problem, chances are someone has written about it. Make sure to read books that empower you and give you tools that will combat every excuse you normally say to yourself.

What if I am a beginner at this exercise?

Try 3 sets of 10 pages at least 3x per week. As you get more comfortable start adding an extra day and next thing you know you’ll start averaging almost a book a month, which is well over the American average of reading 1 book per year. By reading these potential solutions over the course of a month or a year, you’ll find those common wrenches that derailed you from your goals all of a sudden seem like nothing more than a light wind.

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One of my favorite ways to absorb knowledge is by listening. You can do this in the form of podcasts, watch informative documentaries, or just simply by asking questions to those around you.

"Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own." ~James Cameron

When you ask the right questions your mind will be able to bring forth a variety of actions to choose from. At the start it might not be much but by frequently asking enough questions you will eventually have enough detail to solve any problem.

If you want more food for your ears make sure to listen to our podcast Fitness Driven or follow us on our Nevada Fitness Concepts Youtube page for all fitness information!

Movement Tutorial with NFC Coaches!

How many questions should I ask?

As many as humanly possible! Or until the person that you’re asking tells you to stop : ) For me a person's value is based on how many and how great their questions are. It tells me they are interested in solving a problem and if you can solve problems then you can bring some serious value to this world.

In terms of fitness the questions can be; what can I eat? How frequently should I train? What happens if I have a cheat meal? How do I still make progress if my hamstring is strained? Unfortunately our world is riddled with excuses and the narrative is changed; I can't train that frequently. You can't have any cheat meals, if I am injured I can't do anything.

By asking the right questions you’ll be able to find alternatives that’ll steer you back towards the direction of your end goal.

Exercise your mind!

Love Coach Royce

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