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Impactful Changes by Removing One Word in Your Vocabulary

Deleo - deleo is a Latin word started with d. Here is the definition of deleo in English deleo to obliterate, efface.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; "Coach, why are you teaching us words from a long dead language? Has the desert sun and those long runs finally fried your egg?”

The answer is ....maybe, friends ....but hear me out on this.

The further explanation of this word is it is specifically used in relation to other words, it was used when any specific word was no longer found useful and needed to be effectively removed from any set language.

Remove the word “can’t" from your vocabulary. Why? Because I do not just believe, I know you are capable of amazing things. I know you may have been through hard times (especially this year). I know you may not think you’re capable of more. I know it’s hard to keep pushing when things feel less than ideal. I also know you can break through that ceiling over you, and reach heights you didn’t know existed.

“Well coach, what do you propose we use instead?”

I’m glad you asked. Every time you think you’re incapable of doing something (not just here with us, but in any aspect of life), I want to hear you say instead “I’m currently unable". I’ve witnessed the power in this statement.

Movement Coach Tips ;)

I see previously sedentary people of all walks in life make breakthroughs just by changing a few words in their story. I see the power in refusing to believe you can’t do something. I see the subtle determination in people’s eyes when they’re so close to getting a movement down that’s just barely eluding them. I see the fire in them when they hit that previously impossible goal and start thinking ahead to the next three.

I’ll make this even easier friends, we’ll shorten this to "ICU", an anagram for “I’m currently unable." It’ll be our code so you’ll know and I’ll know. We’ll push forward at a pace you can handle, even if it’s 1 mph.

I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite song lyrics ever;

It’s a beautiful day, desperate to find what wings are made of. Remember my name when you speak of blazing suns. I’ll always believe I can reach the stars from way down low here. Now wander with me, and walk upon the edge" ~Candiria

See y’all at the whiteboard .

Coach Corey

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