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How would your spend your day, if these circumstances were longer?

“How would you spend your day, if these circumstances were longer?” I want to challenge everyone to take advantage of this time. It's well known that Shakespeare wrote his most famous work during the one year quarantine due to the plague. A lot can be done when you are forced to stay in. Gain new habits and learn new things!

Look at all the things you want to get done and NOW is the time to do it. Sure it can feel like a burden to stay home but shift your mindset for the moment and realize it is an amazing opportunity to create some new experiences and gain some new habits.

Family Food Time

As a family make some food at home, rare occasion now a days, but an amazing opportunity to cherish some family time. If you cant make any food order something and just make an effort to sit down as a family. Use this time to connect with your family, share stories, share insights, or share what you are grateful.

Boost your immune system

Start a healthy sleeping routine! Take sleep seriously. Stop over working, training, and take some time for your recovery. Many people are so overworked and stressed so much that they forget to relax. Here is an opportunity to do that. Get your stress down and health up just by getting some sleep. It will pay dividends on your body. 6-8 hours should be sufficient.

Meal Prep Learning & Practice

Often times with our busy schedules we rarely have time or energy to learn or practice how to meal prep. We have 30 days to create food prep systems, how to food prep budget, find what foods are easy to make, foods that are not, foods you enjoy, and foods you don't. You can really improve this skill set during this time. If you make mistakes learn from them or if you need help in this area feel free to contact us we would love to help you out individually ;).

Keep supporting each other and never be afraid to ask for help. We are here for you!

Coach Mike Thompson

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