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How do I Crossfit Without Equipment?

I know what you're thinking. CrossFit is all about the equipment. From bumper plates to twist-lock dumbbells, kettlebells, and Olympic bars, it seems like there is a lot you need to get started with CrossFit. But before you worry that you need an entire garage dedicated to your equipment, let me tell you how you can do Crossfit without equipment.

Movement 1: Air Squat

This is the most important movement in CrossFit. From the years of coaching I have come to realize that the athlete who has the best air squats tends to be the most well rounded when it comes to weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. An underrated movement but one of the most potent when it comes to getting fit.

Try incorporating this in all your body weight exercises. Your legs make up around 50% of your muscle. With that said, it doesn't take much reps at all to really start breaking a sweat. A few reps of an air squat and you're off to the races.

One of my go to workout is just doing 500 Air Squats for time or if your new to this maybe just doing 100 Air Squats for time. Start somewhere, get sweaty, and get results!

Air Squat Tips with Coach Madison & James

Movement 2: Burpee

Everyones least favorite movement because it tends to be by far one of the most difficult movements we practice in CrossFit. This total body movement includes a push up, a squat, and a jump all in one rep. It is no wonder why your heart rate jacks up every single time.

This movement practiced in your non equipment routine will yield some amazing results by itself. We've had athletes do 100 burpees every single day for 30 days and had phenomenal physical results. This movement is extremely challenging when you are first getting into CrossFit.

An ingredient for change is challenge.

Movement 3: Running

You must think we hate you for recommending this movement but in contrary we care the most. Now if you have the ability to move from one place to another that is one of the greatest ways to burn calories. If you have the ability to run or even just jog pain free, this cardio movement should be included into so many of your body weight exercises.

The benefits is not only for optimizing caloric burn but has additional effects of building some bone density from the impact from light running. Make sure when you are first reintroducing this movement into your fitness journey that you start out light meaning only a few 100m at a time.

As you start to improve your overall fitness; increase the time, speed, and distance of your running. I recommend paring this movement up with push ups, air squats, or pull ups to get some amazing varied workouts. Try different distances as your movement vocabulary increases from 100m - 1600m in your workout. The more varied the better.

Running Tips with Coach Tim & Royce at Nevada Fit

Try these movements out and if you have questions or want recommendations shoot us an email and we would be happy to send you a few amazing workouts you can do with zero equipment!

Sweet coach tip: visit thewodgenerator that randomizes body weight workouts for you so you never have to think of it again!

Stay healthy, be positive, and keep moving!

Coach Royce

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