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Control Your Breath Control Your Life

I spent the better part of my life believing that breathing just is. It’s natural, it’s normal, no need to pay attention to it. It’s an automatic.

But, have you ever suffered from anxiety? Panic attacks? Being consumed by stress? Having multiple health issues, headaches, sleep apnea, asthma?

Introducing: Purposeful Breathing.

Purposeful breathing is breathing with the conscious knowledge that you are doing it. Focusing on each breath. It’s actually breathing LESS but with more oxygen intake.

How can you purposefully breath?

Breath through your nose

Your nose was created to be the oxygen carrier. There are multiple positive benefits of breathing through your nose, including:

  1. Our sinuses have nitric oxide that fights harmful bacteria and viruses as we breathe in. This can also help regulate blood pressure and strengthen our immune system. It is said that the small hairs inside our nose, called cilia, protects us from up to 20 billion foreign particles EVERY DAY.

  2. Nasal breathing increases oxygen intake and can give you more energy to get you through the day.

  3. Breathing through the nose forces us to slow down our breathing until proper breathing is reached. Therefore, nasal breathing reduces stress and hypertension. This helps you to not overexert yourself during exercise and to help with a quicker recovery.

If you naturally are a mouth breather, begin focusing on the breath and bringing it in through your nose, the results can be pretty amazing. See for yourself!

Mobility Tips with NFC

Box breathing

Box breathing is a very specific type of breathing that forces you to have control over your breath in every part. Until you try it, you won’t realize how little control you have over your own breathing. Sit in a comfortable position, breath in for three seconds, hold your breath for three seconds, breath out for three seconds and hold the out breath for three seconds, then repeat. This can be very uncomfortable when you first begin, but the more you do it, the more control you will feel you have. Begin with three seconds, and as you become more comfortable with the technique, lengthen the time of each part. Box breathing will feed into your everyday life, from helping control asthma attacks and panic attacks to calming down your breathing in the middle of a run or a workout.

Guided Meditation

When first beginning meditation, guided can be the most simple format. Guided meditation will help you focus strictly on your breath. It will teach you that mind wandering is normal, and allowing your thoughts to flow is natural. This type of breathing is a simple in and out format, unless otherwise specified. It focuses on a natural breath, not deep breathing, and allowing your body to slow down to a consistent rhythm on its own. This is a wonderful way to start your morning or end your night because it both relaxes and gives you energy. Since a voice guides you through, it helps to bring you back to the present moment while your mind wanders (because it will, and that’s okay).

Purposeful breathing has been scientifically proven to have undeniable benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health. Not just that, but I have personally suffered from autoimmune diseases, anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression. I can say from personal experience that purposeful breathing has helped me heal and given me a more positive outlook on my life and the growth I have gone through. (Not struggles, growth)

If you ever have any questions or are looking for more information about purposeful breathing, follow me on instagram @belmondolifestyle; twitter @belmondolife; or email me at

Love you all!

Have a fantastic day,

Coach Madison

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