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Better Self Confidence in 5 Days

Low self esteem is one of the biggest obstacles for many that hold them back from achieving their goals. How many of you had this talk with your self? I am not fit enough so I'll have to get in shape first before joining. Who am I to think I can get these amazing results? I will never be able to do that. I am not as skilled as these athletes. People like me can't get those types of results because I am too old, too weak, too tired, too short, too big, or too small.

A necessary ingredient to accomplish your goals is stronger self confidence.

Here is the good news you don't have to have amazing self confidence to start your journey in optimal health. Here are some exercises you can perform to build your self esteem.

Exercise 1: Fill Up Your Self Confidence Jar

  • Put an empty jar in your office or somewhere noticeable in your house.

  • Every time you do something successful write it down and put it in the jar.

  • Try using different colors to make it a little more exciting.

  • Make sure the jar is transparent so you can see it fill up.

  • Give the Jar a title like "Self Confidence PR"

  • Examples can be: I drank a glass of water, I woke up early today, I worked out, I walked a mile, I stretched, I meditated, I ate a of fruit or vegetable.

  • Every small positive action will slowly build your self esteem and by seeing the jar fill up will give you the self confidence needed to accomplish your next challenge.

Exercise 2: Create a Win Log

  • Create a win log using a white board or even a notebook

  • List out all your accomplishments in life.

  • I recommend to start out with a least 10 and every day add around 5-10

  • Make sure to number your accomplishments so you can visually see how much you have accomplished in your life time.

  • Again everything from big and small should be included in this list.

  • Examples: I graduated from high school, I got a promotion, I ran my first mile, I did my first pull up, I lost my first 5 lbs.....

  • Overtime you realized you have done so much that it gives you more energy to put something on that list to add.

Exercise 3: Create a Positive Journal

  • Journals are a powerful way to build up confidence.

  • Are minds are wired to focus on the negatives and that leads us to feeling less confident.

  • By creating a journal of all the positive things you accomplished at home or work will set a tone for the week or the day.

  • Putting positive events down on paper make your success more concrete and you are able to refer to it when you need some self confidence.

Small actions can lead to impactful results. Practice one of these exercises this week and see if it helps your self confidence a bit. Make sure to consecutively do these exercises for 5 days. Overtime you will begin to speak to yourself in an entirely different language: a language of positivity, courage, and confidence. All necessary ingredients to accomplish your goals.

"Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along." ~Napoleon Hill

Stay positive, be healthy, and keep moving!

Coach Royce

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