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Be a Human "Being" not a Human "Doing"

Have you ever taken a video on your phone and the message pops up that your storage is full? Just like your phone, your brain storage can get pretty full. Many of you are going 100+ hours a week living in a constant state of creating ideas, solving problems, and accomplishing task lists. You can easily get into this "busy" mindset that may seem productive in the short term but never leaves you with enough time for personal growth, enjoyment and just "being."

So what should I do?

Spend the first 10 minutes of your day in complete silence. It can be in the form of yoga, guided meditation, praying, or just enjoying a cup of coffee outside in nature. Be part of the world for a moment and live in the present.

I know you are probably thinking, “Coach that just seems lazy and not productive.” However some of the most creative ideas spark in moments of peace and silence. Don’t believe me try it out.

But what should I focus on?

Everything and nothing. Listen to the sounds of nature, the birds, the trees, feel what is going on with your body, listen to your thoughts but also the silence in between.

Focus on what you're hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, or tasting. If that's too many to focus on, just focus on your breath. Give yourself a specific count (Breathing in for 5 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds is a great place to start).

What happens after?

Most of the time you will feel at peace and less stressed. Sometimes you get really amazing ideas but sometimes nothing happens. The objective for silence is not to get anything in return but to simply stop “doing” and just” be” for a moment.

You relive the past so you don’t make the same mistakes and you consciously think about all the things you need to do to have an amazing future. This leaves you with nothing in the present and along comes being miserable. When you are in this present state, the past and future don't exist, weakening common issues of depression and anxiety.

"Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of non forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence. ~Eckart Tolle The Power of Now

Will this solve all my problems?

Nope, but it could give you the clarity of mind to look at your situations in a different light. If there were no problems to solve, we won't need amazing ideas to solve them. What lies in our problems are embedded little seedlings of beauty. If you had absolutely zero problems it would be pretty cool, however I would argue that life might get really stale and boring very quickly. Sure these problems can be stressful but when we solve them it brings us joy. What most of us are lacking is creating the space in our day to do so.

How does this pertain to my fitness?

Your brain and mindset are more powerful than you realize. It can be the difference between missing or achieving your goals. Starting the day off in a state of "being" can bring you focus, peace, and discipline which will translate into more success accomplish all our goals, including fitness ones.

Regularly improve your mind along with your fitness and you will find more success in everything you do. Tag us @cfmountainsedge if you are brave enough to spend your first 10 minutes in silence. We would love to hear how it works for you.

Stay positive, live happy, and keep moving.

Coach Royce

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