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Apply These 10 Simple Habits To Improve Immunity

Although I train athletes of all ages, I’m especially attuned to the health needs of our senior population.  The outbreak of COVID-19 and its propensity to attack those with weakened immune systems has shed light on things we should consider to help us live longer, healthier lives. There are some important lifestyle choices we can make to improve our T-cell production, those white blood cells that are necessary to defend the body against germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Some important changes we can make include choosing a healthy lifestyle by addressing the following:

  1. Don’t smoke

  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables- the battle begins in the stomach

  3. Consider probiotics and supplements- consult your doctor or nutrition expert

  4. Limit foods that promote inflammation -sugar, sodas, fried foods, processed meats, processed carbs, etc. 

  5. Exercise regularly- helps to promote healthy blood circulation 

  6. Maintain a healthy weight

  7. Drink alcohol in moderation only

  8. Get adequate sleep- allow your body to repair and recover

  9. Wash hands frequently

  10. Minimize stress- read, exercise, meditate, get outdoors, connect with others, and generally slow down, reduce time on devices and looking at social media, news, etc.

These are a few things within our control that we can do to fight chronic disease and strengthen our ability to fight sickness. Remember that the COVID-19 has attacked those who are weakest, so we must be diligent in the ongoing battle for our health and wellness. Remember, we are here to help with your fitness needs and can help you achieve your goals to live a longer, healthier life.

Stay Strong

Coach Steve

"If you make a mistake and don't correct it. That is called a mistake." ~Confucius

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