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6 Questions that Will Make you More Successful in Accomplishing your Health Goals

You ever set a goal for the year and realize down the road that you completely forgot about it? You realize it's already midway through the year so you consciously decide to just save that goal for next year. You start the year off strong just like last year but life happens and you repeat this whole process over again. There has to be a better strategy for this right? There is and it might be a lot simpler than you think. Here are the 6 questions that will make you more successful in accomplishing your health goals.

Start with the end in mind and go from there!

What do I want my health to look and feel like in 10 years?

Ex: I want to be able to travel, have energy for my kids, and never rely on medications to keep me alive. I want to be that healthy dad that just has it all. Amazing career, healthy body, great relationships, and just happy a person.

What are some of my health goals in 5 Years?

Ex: I want to be able to successfully travel in Thailand. I also want run a 5K without stopping. I want to play sports with my kids and not just watch. I want to get off my high-blood pressure medications.

What are some things I need to do this year to be more prepared?

Ex: I want to hike at least 20 trails this year with my friends and family. I want to participate in at least three 5K runs or walks. I need to bi-yearly check up with my doctor to see any improvement in my blood pressure.

What do I have to do this to this month to get me ready for this events?

Ex: I need to hire a coach or join a gym that can hold me accountable towards my goals. I need to talk to my doctor and family to discuss how important it is for me to get off these medications. I need to cut down on my eating out so I can save some money to go to Thailand!

What do I need to do weekly to get closer to my end goals?

Ex: I need to move or exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour 3-5x per week. I also need to cut out the sodas and tighten up my nutritional habits. I need to bring my stress down for my blood pressure by exercising more and eating better.

What do I have to do today or right now?

Ex: I need to go out and move for a least 30 minutes, and spend 30 minutes on learning how to eat a little healthier. I am going to call a family member or friend for some advice who successfully has altered their health.

Conquering goals can be challenging when you only look at the end result. By building some logical steps in between you will build more clarity and confidence that will make you stick to your plan. It can be really stressful at first when you have so many options. Asking these questions in this order will bring more clarity on what actions you need to do NOW to move you closer to your goals.

If you want to be healthier, happier, and fitter you simply need to "act" like it. "Act" refers to actions, so by being able to clearly identify these actions you will inevitably get results.

If you have any questions or want more guidance on what actions you need to first do, shoot us an email at We would love to help be part of your health and fitness journey.

Stay positive, live healthy, and keep moving.

Coach Royce

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