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6 Early Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever!

"What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in awhile."

Charles Duhigg

1. Wake up 2 hours earlier than you need to.

If you want time to do things through out the day, you have to make time. The easiest way to find time is to the start your day earlier. Set your alarm clock 2 hours before you have to get to work and when that alarm sounds don't hit the snooze button. It is tough at first but waking up as soon as your phone alarms creates discipline. This small act of discipline will create a trickle effect in making better decisions through out the day. This step is essential specially if you are trying to fit all of these habits in your morning.

2. Read a book for 10 minutes or 10 pages as soon as you wake up.

Normally most people start their days responding to emails, looking at news, what is trending on instagram, or just pure panicking about everything. Start your day by building your character by reading books about communication, leadership, mindset, relationships, finance, health, science, history, technology, or anything that can possibly improve your abilities.

3. Exercise in the morning.

The more you burn the more you earn in energy. Get something in whether its crossFit, running, weightlifting, cardio, yoga, pilates, or anything. Doing something active will give you the energy boost you need to accomplish all the tasks for your day.

4. Take a cold shower.

Aside from all the beneficial health effects of cold showers, you can train your mind to be tough by choosing to do something uncomfortable everyday like taking a cold shower. This small act of toughness will lead you to push beyond your limits of your comfort zone. These limits can be as small as eating one more vegetable today, do an extra task beyond what your work requires, be more present for your family, or drink one less alcohol beverage at the end of the night.

5. Drink Coffee

Makes sure it's black. Enough said. ;)

6. Listen to your favorite podcast on your drive to work.

Music is a great way to pump up the mood the morning, however try listening to podcast. Some uniques benefits of listening to a podcast can be improvement in creativity, improvement in speech, improvement in becoming a better listener, learn about people, the world, and even gain empathy. If you have no where to start try listening to our health and wellness podcast Fitness & Friends we air a new episode every Monday.

Try some of these out and let us know how it impacted your day.

Stay happy, live healthy, and keep moving!

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