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3 Weight-loss Hacks

You are constantly fed the idea that “diet is what causes weight-loss”. This is a great concept to follow. But what else can you do to help yourself lose weight, along with diet? Here are three simple hacks to help you lose weight quicker.

Hack 1

Don’t buy food for your house that you shouldn’t eat. You will eat the food that you surround yourself with. If you have a family, slowly start to change the food you buy at the store and cook for yourself and your family. If you buy chips, candy, cereal, snacks, or foods that come in bags or boxes, you will eat that food. If you buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and healthy carbs, that is what you will inevitably eat because that is all that you have in your house. A simple way to begin your weight-loss journey.

Hack 2

Put your fork down between bites. Do you ever find yourself eating and a couple bites in all of a sudden the food has miraculously disappeared? This happens when you eat too fast, which can lead to indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal cramping, overeating and bloating. A simple fix? Set your fork down between bites. Doing this will help you take breaks while you are eating which allows your stomach to settle and gives you time to digest your food properly. Saving you any side effects from eating too quickly.

Hack 3

Use a smaller plate when you eat. This will make your portion sizes look bigger, even though you are eating less. Imagine someone puts two plates in front of you. One is a larger plate and one a smaller. Each has the same amount of food, but on the larger plate the serving looks mediocre at best. On the small plate, the food takes up the entire plate, looking like a complete serving plus more. Your eyes lead to your stomach. If you choose the small plate, the serving size will seem larger and you will feel fuller more quickly. Not only are you actually eating less food, but you will feel more full eating it!

Try out these three simple hacks to losing weight. And always remember, nutrition is the first step to weight loss, these are just simple ways to help you lose the weight quicker! Have a fantastic day, and as always, let us know if you have any questions.

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With love,

Coach Madison

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