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3 Things you need to know for the month of March 2020

Saturday the 14th: Treatment and Shoulder Recovery Workshop with Coach Nash - Everyone is Welcome

Join the Recovery Workshop with Coach Nash. We will cover the some issues of how shoulder problems can arise but more importantly we will cover a couple of ways you can stay proactive in treating your shoulders through out your fitness journey.

This workshop is perfect for anyone feeling shoulder discomfort or just interested in optimizing shoulder performance in there workouts. Talk begins at 10am Saturday and make sure to RSVP a week before. It was full house last workshop!

Saturday the 21st: CFMTE Team at the Spartan Race

Come join the CFMTE Team for the Spartan Race. Make sure to register for the 1:30PM Heat under CFMTE. A great opportunity to use your fitness and hangout with some of your buddies at the gym.

For questions about registering, email us at

Saturday the 28th: CFMTE Attendance Celebration @ TBA

Celebration time for all who put in the hard work in staying healthy for the first quarter of the year. For the winning team we will cover there food cost, and if you can not attend the festivity we will get you a 25$ Gift card!

We will tally up the attendance a week before so make sure to double check on the amount of days you worked out the last 3 months. If you don't know how many times you attended, double check with your Coach Captain. Way to start out the year, and now lets stay on track to accomplish your goals!

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