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22 Warriors Workout Breakdown

Hey everyone Coach Peter here, I’m going to be talking about the 22 warriors workout that we announced we were doing. And if you are in the same boat as me we both looked at the workout asking how we are supposed to finish this. So let's break it down, what is this workout?

22 Warriors Workout:

22 Rounds of

1 Mile Run

22 Burpees

*4 hour cap.

In total it's 22 miles and 484 Burpees. So wow that’s a lot right? But how could we ever finish that in 4 hours? This is a tall order and something we need to train for immediately, but with all large tasks we just need to break it down to something easily achievable. Time for Math!

Yay Math!

4 Hours is 280 minutes. You would need to run a 12:42 mile every mile to just finish the run in that time. Seems easy right but let's add the burpees. Burpees are a little more subjective because it is easily influenced on how tired you are but for 22 rounds I'm going to use 5 seconds per burpee. That's 110 seconds per round or 40.3 minutes in total for all 22 rounds. With taking that out of our original time, that mile time turns into 10:50 per mile. That's good to know immediately but that is exact math leaving no time for rest, fatigue, or unknown obstacles. More realistically I need to cut out about 1 minute a round for rest, about 1 second per burpee every round after the first, and I’m also gonna cut 5 minutes off just because this isn’t something any of us has done together before. Some of us might have Marathon and long distance experience and Burpee gang might do 100 burpees daily like its nothing but mixed together it's gonna be a tough one. So now you must be like Peter just get back to this math so if we take everything I’ve said into consideration we have 205 minutes for running. That’s around a 9:23 mile every round.

So this is the point where your mind just exploded realizing you don’t gotta run a 6 minute mile to finish this so let me say it again. You will finish this workout If you can run a consistent 9:23 mile. The vast majority of this workout is the running so go find your best running shoes or get some new ones and start running at a chill pace.

Great & Simple Warm Up by Coach Tim

A workout regimen that we have started at the gym is 3-7 times a week 1 mile run and 22 burpees. That's our week one work and just slowly amp that up every week until you find a pace you are comfortable doing for a long time. Keep testing that pace and build on it and don’t forget about those burpees every burpee you do is $1 so when you are gasping for air remember it's going to a great cause so put your head down and work. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me at Crossfit Mountain’s Edge or DM me on Instagram @Peter_Buddensiek drop a follow while you're there as well. I’ll see everyone November 7th for this great event.

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