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How to stay fit and healthy for Super Bowl Sunday?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

According to a new study from LetsGetChecked, the average American will eat somewhere around 11,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday!

Whats the secret and how do we stay fit during Super Bowl Sunday? Today we will share the secret low calorie nacho that only has 10 calories..... Just kidding but if someone has one please share. =)

When it comes to big fun events that have a ton of great delicious food, the real secret here is preparation both for my workouts and my nutrition.

Let's use Super Bowl for an example. I know it is coming up and the food is going to be full of delicious calories. On top of that there is normally a few beverages that are included in these festivities.

So here are some tips.

1. Try to get in all your workouts for the week maybe even sneak in an extra session or two. When we workout extra hard our bodies crave the extra calories for repair, maintenance, and growth. So workout the entire week and possibly sneak a workout in the morning before Super Bowl Sunday.

2. Tip number 2 is eat as best as possible through out the week. Eat meals with plenty of vegetables, protein, and some healthy fats. The morning of I usually pack nutrition dense breakfast to start out my day assuming I am going to a fun event that evening.

3. The last but probably the most important is to have fun and celebrate your hard work in continuously optimizing health and wellness year round. Life is too short and these events happen a few times out of the year. You can still be healthy and have an exciting life. ;)

Be happy, stay healthy, and keep moving.

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