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My Meditation

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

We’ve all got our own varied , and valid reasons for partaking in what some see as daily “ torture “ in our box. We show up day after day and push ourselves to the brink of our ability for reasons some may not understand.

Some of the popular reasons can be social interaction, the desire to "look good naked “, the need to improve health, or just want to feel better life... all are common and all 100% amazing reasons.

High intensity workouts are one of my forms of meditation. Now, I know the term intensity conjures up images of swarthy men and sarong clad woman atop gigantic floor pillows, legs crossed, chanting any number of new age terms and smelling like patchouli.... but hear me out.

How many times have you showed up to the box in a foul mood, stressed over work, or a personal situation? You see the workout board and immediately realize it is going to be a challenge. The class starts, the body goes autopilot, and an hour later you feel as if there is no stress in the world.

Ironically many athletes feel most at peace when the heart rate is up. It allows athletes to only focus on the breath and nothing more. Letting your brain breathe and focus only on your breath has a beneficial response to our mood and stress. So here is my tip for today. ;)

Feeling good, go workout.

Feeling sad, go workout.

Feeling stressed, go workout.

Outcome is always the same!

Feeling amazing. =)

See y'all at the whiteboard.

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