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How you can lose pounds of your body 

Without removing carbs, working out everyday, and counting every single calorie.


"All you need is a little hope, and when I got to start seeing results in a few weeks. I knew that was all I needed." 

Amr G.

"I didn't know what I was getting my self into but I realized the first few weeks that this was the real deal. But now I'm seeing results everywhere."

Lewis J.

The amazing journey so far losing over 60 lbs. The beginning for Jeff Cheek because one of his #gamechanging tips is to never have an end goal.

Jeff C.

Don't be so hard on yourself in your journey. You can absolutely bounce back. You don't have to be perfect to look perfect. You can always make progress when life hits you with surprises.

Mel M.

"This is the biggest weightloss I have had in awhile and it is absolutely possible when you push your self. 

Stephen H.

"My initial goal was to lose 10lbs but I accomplished that in the first 3 weeks. So I had to adjust my goals." 


"Lost inches everywhere, have more energy, and got super shredded super quick which I didn't expect!" ~Tracey & Corey

"Love how simple this is and didn't know how easy this actually be." ~The Leckers

I'm spending more time with my kids, I have more energy, and I am less irritable lol. Not sure what Coach Corey would say though." ~Angelina

"Lost 10+ pounds in the first 3 weeks. Also I feel like I found my Soul Mate Gym lol." ~Juan

You can feel stronger, more organized, and more at peace when you start creating a healthy routine for yourself. ~Katie

"Aside from the weight number everything has changed, my clothes, my energy, my sleep, and just the way I feel." Katelyn


Before & After Be Better (1).png

I didn't know it was possible to get a 6 pack in 6 weeks. I've been trying to do it all year. Awesome program and simple to follow.

— Kevin B.

Before & After Be Better.png

I have been training here for 3 months and it's been a game-changer! The coaches and athletes are all helpful and the workouts are built for people with different levels of experience.

— Jonathan A.

Before & After Be Better (4).png

The program is broken down so simple, that literally anyone can do it. It is not overly complicated and the workouts are absolutely exciting.

— Nastasia H.

Before & After Be Better (6).png

This is the most I lost since joining the gym. In 6 weeks I was able to lose 15+ pounds. The best part is the community and coaches supporting you all the way.

— Corey L.


Just take the leap faith and bet on yourself. Anytime I invest into my self I am way more succesfull. Such a great program and thank you to all the coaches.  

— Arienna G.

Chris Y_

Before the program I felt like I was starving my self but since the program I realized I was under eating. In addition to that the groups are just very inspiring to be part of. 

— Chris Y.


People forget so much about themselves. I think it's so important to take care of your own health so you can pour more into others. This program really affirms that.

— Micaela P.

Manny 2

I never lost weight and gained muscle in a way that felt long lasting and sustainable until I joined this gym. That plus the amazing team of people and workout partners.

— Ammanuel M.


At first glance it was very intimidating but as soon as you go in. Everyone is so welcoming and the coaches are able to create a workouts designed to just get you better.

— Monica F.


I gained so much weight the moment I became a father. The program is family friendly so I'm able to balance my life as a father but also train as an athelte year round.

— Royce L.

B&F Stephen H. (2).png

This is the biggest weightloss I have had in awhile and it is absolutely possible when you push your self. I've had ups and downs in my weightloss journey and this is the most consistent I have ever been. I've lost over 82lbs now and still going. 

— Stephen H.

Before & After Be Better (7).png

Get out of your own way and realize you are not the first person who has gone through what your going through. So invest in yourself and just have faith you are going to get there.

— Kyler W.


We refund your money back no questions asked

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